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Have you ever watched Tiger Woods hit, Roger Federer served or “Silent Beat” Harrison playing guitar? It seems easy. There is talent in it, but also training. Just try to hit the ball or squeeze a solo riff from the guitar!

Not only sports, music, but also other human activities require talent and training to be perfect. A lawyer, manager or politician who cannot speak can write. He might write a variation on Too Noisy Solitude: “I’ve been working as a lawyer for thirty-five years, that’s my love story. I have been reading books for thirty-five years, writing on old paper, I have been smearing letters for thirty-five years, so I look like educational dictionaries. ” Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Close your eyes and imagine how the lawyer affects you. Maybe you like him. But will you hire him to defend your interest?

The ability to think and write is fundamental. What characterizes successful lawyers, managers, and politicians today, however, is the ability to persuade. It is the art of defending one’s face-to-face view, in front of an audience, in public, at a general meeting, at a council meeting, in the media or in court.

Are you a lawyer, manager or politician? Then speech is a working tool for you. Do you want to improve?

We have a short time-effective micro-media training for you, after which you can immediately see the results. How is it going?

The “basic” version lasts 2 hours and you can order it as an individual or for two people. It includes practical instruction, a simulated studio interview, subsequent projection and analysis of the recorded material. We will end everything by recording a short moderated interview with you on the chosen topic. On the spot, you will benefit from what you have learned and get a professional output, shot on multiple cameras, modified post-production. If you want, we will include it after editorial approval in the contributions to legalTV, which are taken over by other media (seznam news, lidovky.cz). You will make your topic and expertise visible.

You can use media training for yourself or donate it to someone who appreciates it.