For lawyers

Do you want to grow your business with modern means, strengthen your brand and reach potential clients? The market for legal services has changed. It is no longer the market of sellers, but the market of buyers.

Above all, companies and corporations choose more. You will not reach new clients with old means. It’s as futile as looking for glasses elsewhere than where you put them. Today, it is not enough just to do your job well and wait for recommendations. Contracting authorities shall seek and verify information on the Internet. It is common for them to contact several law firms that will interest them and choose between them.

Classic advertising messages do not work very well for lawyers. The current trend is represented by authoritative comments, which briefly inform about the legal problem, help to understand it and direct the audience to its solution. When you grasp the topic clearly, you can engage your potential clients.

Quality is assumed today. But if you want to succeed in the legal services market, the question is: How will your potential clients find out what you are good at and why they should choose you? You can’t do without quality PR. Read the book by strategic consultant Jaap Bosman Death of a Law Firm.

Do you want to use modern technology and set a trend in your field? Go opposite your clients and attract them. As internal research shows, for lawyers, short video tips on what to do when a certain legal situation arises are an ideal form of self-presentation. You will provide potential clients with free value in the form of legal information, you will introduce yourself to them in a non-violent way and you will be introduced to your expertise. You show them options they don’t know about. You will guide them to legal solutions that they can handle with your help.

We will shoot a professional video with you and place it on the specialized portal, which allows legal service providers to easily search according to your specialization. We post videos on social networks and are regularly downloaded by new media, such as or To enhance the effect of your speech with us, you can undergo a short media training just before the video is recorded.

Bring your legal knowledge closer to legal service providers by today’s means.

Get new clients!

Price from 7,300 CZK.